In 2025, Lion Power will introduce into the marketplace the first commercially viable Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery for the EV and Power Wall markets and for other industrial applications. LPS’ pioneering system has been developed over more than a decade, the result being a solid-state battery that can be used in all the segments of the Battery Industry. At its manufacturing facility In the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, LPS will set the standard for the Lithium-ion Battery Industry.

The LPS design offers major advantages over conventional technology, including increased energy density, greater capacity, enhanced safety, longer lifespan, and faster charging capability.

The LPS battery is manufactured in the United States


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The Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery

Liquid lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, whether lithium-ion cobalt or lithium-ion phosphate, are considered the current cutting-edge technology in the Battery Industry. However, the “Holy Grail” of batteries is the Li-ion solid-state battery that companies are currently feverishly trying to develop for commercial use in the 4 major market segments of the industry - Industrial, Military, Consumer and Electric Vehicles (EV).

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Superior Power Storage

The key attributes of a solid-state battery are safety, efficiency, weight, and capacity. With no liquid medium inside the device, the risk of overheating and crystallization is obviated, completely avoiding the potential hazard. The design and structure of the lithium solid-state battery also means that the battery pack is lighter and more efficient than the liquid Li-ion batteries currently in use. It's no exaggeration to say that the liquid lithium-ion battery is an afterthought; the solid-state lithium-ion battery a paradigm shift representing the future (Forbes).