James S. Coleman / President & CEO

Mr. Coleman has over 35 years of experience as an investment banker dealing with all levels of the investment community, including interacting with major and middle tier brokerage firms both institutionally and on a retail basis. He is a specialist in the areas of real estate, the uplisting of public companies, compliance with government agencies, such as the SEC, FINRA and NASDAQ, and investor relations. Mr. Coleman has held Series 3, 4, 7, 8,24and 63 registration.

During the course of his long career in the securities and financial related industries, he has worked as a retail broker, Branch Manager, Trader and investment banker, raising funding via private placements and taking companies public via IPOs, LBOs and Mergers and Acquisition, including a leveraged buy-out of a division of AT&T. Additionally, he has been an Associate Broker in the New York Real Estate Market. Mr. Coleman was formerly Executive Director of the Yangtze River Port and Logistics Limited (YRIV) and is a Managing Partner of Star Circle Advisors.

Craig Hutchison / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hutchison is a former pilot and operations officer for the U.S. Army with a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of California, Hayward. Craig is a highly accomplished and seasoned Senior Level Executive Professional with over 20 years’ experience in business development, operations management, customer experience, financial analysis and strategic planning.

A skilled administrator adept in cutting edge organizational efficiency and enhancing productivity and sales revenue,
Mr. Hutchison has spent the past two decades as a leader in the aviation industry for such companies as Delta where he worked closely with federal and state bureaus of government, including law enforcement agencies, TSA, Customs, OSHA, DOT and the FAA.

Peter Lau / Chief Financial Officer, Director

Mr. Lau was a licensed investment banker and has held Series 7, 63 and 79 registration. He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 40 years of experience in management and the financial services industry. Mr. Lau worked as a corporate accountant and management consultant for a decade, then formed his own advisory company assisting both domestic and international clients. In the 1980s, Mr. Lau worked at the Department of Commerce, specifically servicing the Asian American community. He spent years working in Europe and Asia as advisor to a number of multi-national firms. During the course of his career as an investment banker and financial advisor, he has led or participated in the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity in various industries, specializing in the areas of technology and entertainment (the film and music industries). He spent years working in Europe and Asia as advisor to a number of multi-national firms. During the course of his career as an investment banker and He is responsible and was the lead banker for a number of mergers and acquisitions as well as a number of IPOs, APOs and SPAC offerings and is a Managing Partner of Star Circle Advisors.

Dr. Lei Chen / Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Lei Chen is one of the foremost battery experts in North America. As a consultant in this field, he has been engaged by major companies to solve their technical issues. Dr. Chen has been involved with Cenntro Auto Group, one of the world’s largest logistic EV manufacturer, since its inception. Since 2016, he has served as Cenntro’s Chief Scientist and Strategist, responsible for technology development and business strategy. Prior to joining Cenntro, Dr. Chen was as Vice President of Business Development for KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., an American high-tech startup with a superior EV drivetrain technology (including battery and motor system) that is now used in millions of vehicles in Southeast Asia. He oversaw the construction of Qian Jiang Motor Group’s lithium-ion battery production facility in Wenling, Zhejiang, China. In 2000, Dr. Chen founded GotoAuto.Com, an intelligent auto parts sorting network, the methodology behind which was extracted into Para-Synchronous Communication Theory. Dr. Chen earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin, beginning his career as a spectroscopy researcher for solid-state surface chemical processes. Dr. Chen’s “first principle thinking” later led to a teaching position at the University’s Business School, developing technology entrepreneurs in the program now known as IC2 Institute.

James A. Coleman / Controller

James A. Coleman received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and an MBA in Finance from Shorter University (Rome, GA). Since its inception, he has been a Business Analyst for the Company, researching and reviewing various avenues in the alternative energy industry, observing economic trends and forecasts and interpreting data to identify trends and ensure viability in the industry. Prior to his work for the Company, Mr. Coleman was a Business Analyst for BNY Mellon where he was responsible for reviewing risk events (OREs) for that institution on a daily basis. In addition to his professional duties, Mr. Coleman is an Offensive Line Coach for the Peters Township, PA football team.

Richard S. Marten / Director

Mr. Marten received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College and the degree of Juris Doctor from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in 1979. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1980. As an attorney and business consultant, Mr. Marten has represented clients in such diverse areas as real estate development and syndication, public underwriting, motion picture and television production and distribution, national food distribution, satellite communications, oil and gas, solar energy and manufacturing. He has negotiated financing and structured business agreements on behalf of clients with major banks and financial institutions and advised in the establishment of several federally chartered Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs). Mr. Marten is Chairman of PrimeStar Technologies, a company engaged in Technology Transfer and development and is a Managing Partner of Star Circle Advisors.

Dr. Joshua M. Levy / Director

Joshua Levy was born in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Levy received his undergraduate and Master degrees from the University of Oregon and his doctorate from the California Institute of Technology. In addition to his scientific background, Dr. Levy has been active in finance, with particular emphasis in the areas of technology and communications.

During the course of his career, he has formed close relationships with executives at the highest level of international financial institutions, such as Citigroup. As Chief Technology Officer of PrimeStar Technologies, a company engaged in technology transfer and development, Dr. Levy is responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of a new proprietary separator coating and cathode binder used in Li-ion batteries. Dr. Levy resided in Beijing for several years and is responsible for developing relationships within the Chinese chemical industry and with ministries of the Central Government of China.

Dr. Louis A. Ross / Board of Advisors

Louis A. Ross has a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago, a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Indiana University and is a graduate of the Program for Management Development of the Harvard University Business School. Dr. Ross possesses an extensive background in new business development in both the large corporation and small business arenas and held senior executive positions in the petrochemical industry. His experience in technology licensing, capital project management, business development, regulatory issues and corporate governance is extensive. Dr. Ross is VP of Business Development of PrimeStar Technologies, a company engaged in Technology Transfer and development.

Marianne McInerney / Board of Advisors

Marianne McInerney has been immersed in the Automotive and Transportation industry for almost two decades, during which time she has advised multiple OEMs on go-to-market strategies, pricing, marketing, branding and sales, product development and business development and operations. She has developed ground-breaking strategies for channel development, commercial and retail distribution and has been at the forefront of the EV industry. Ms. McInerney is the former Assistant Secretary and Director of Public Relations for the U.S. Department of Transportation and served under Secretary of Transportation Elaine Lan Chao. Ms. McInerney was responsible for managing day-to-day communications strategies for the Secretary Chao and served as the daily liaison with U.S. White House and White House Cabinet Affairs. As Executive Vice President of Cenntro Motors, Ms. McInerney developed the company’s international and domestic distribution strategy and achieved contracts for over $20 million in sales in the first year of production. Prior to her involvement with Cenntro Motors, Ms. McInerney was Executive Vice President of GreenTech Automotive where she successfully developed the company’s international distribution strategy. Prior to her tenure at GreenTech, Ms. McInerney served as Chief Operating Officer at PHC, a North American distribution company focused on bringing Chinese vehicles to marketing. In 2010, Ms. McInerney served as a strategic consultant to Azure Dynamics to support the relaunch of the Ford Transit Connect EV where she was responsible for market positioning, product strategy, and aligning sales strategies with corporate revenue goals. Ms. McInerney was formerly Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Smith Electric Vehicles and Executive Vice President of Visionary Vehicles. Ms. McInerney is a former President of the American International Automobile Dealers Association which represents over 11,000 dealer organizations in the United States on matters ranging from trade, taxation, environment and operations. Prior to her career in the private sector, Ms. McInerney was a Presidential appointee serving as Press Secretary for the United States Peace Corps and the Federal Home Loan Bank System, Director of Communications for United Way of America and Director of Public Relations for World Vision.